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​Welcome to 

Tranquil Heart

Qualified Aromatherapy Tutor, Practitioner 
and Tai Chi Qigong Instructor.
Offering quality Aromatherapy Clinical Diploma and Post Graduate Training,
Qigong sessions and Aromatic Adventures.
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Providing professional accredited Diploma Training in Aromatherapy, in the UK and abroad.

I also offer a range of IFPA accredited post graduate CPD courses for the qualified Aromatherapist along with Aromatherapy workshops for the novice and those with an interest in Aromatherapy.


Training courses are held at a beautiful location in Leicestershire.  Courses, Workshops and Residential Experience classes are also available in rural France.


Training Courses are informal and I invite participants to get involved during practical and theoretical sessions.  

Take a look at my Courses page for details about the courses I offer; please enquire about any courses as dates can be arranged to suit the student.

Course notes are provided and a CPD certificate is presented to therapists at the end of the course or on completion of case studies. (Tranquil Facials only). 

My Philosophy


I aim to create a nurturing environment where participants feel at ease to interact and learn at their own pace whilst feeling comfortable to ask questions when needed. Everyone has the ability to offer something to the learning process and I love to share my knowledge and passion with those as passionate about Aromatherapy as I am.


Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma Course


Post Graduate Training Courses

 IFPA accredited courses 

Short courses & Workshops

New Venue 

Tranquil Heart Training Academy  in the heart of France

Aromatic Journeys & Retreats

The Tranquil Heart Academy hosts French Aromatic Tours

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