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Foundation Unit - Family and Friends

The Foundation unit of the Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma is a 5 day introduction to this fascinating art. It offers the participant a great grounding for offering home treatments, applications and basic massage techniques for use with their family; allowing them to work safely with essential oils. The course covers:

·         Basic history

·         Introduction to aromatherapy  

·         What are essential oils

·         Methods of use

·         12 essential oils will be studied in detail

·         Introduction to botany and plant families

·         Storage and quality

·         Some methods of extraction

·         Contra-indications

·         Basic vegetable carrier oils

·         Mixing and Blending for home use

·         Simple massage techniques to use on family

The Foundation unit is a stand-alone course for the aromatherapy enthusiast who wishes to use essential oils at home for themselves and their family. It is also a stepping stone to the Diploma course.

This is an attendance only course.


Next course 2nd - 6th  March 2020; venue - Market Bosworth.

Residential course 22nd - 26th May 2020, venue - France*

*additional costs for residential course*

Contact me for further details and to book your place.

Further Units - Diploma Course

Key - (DL) available as distance learning; (TO) available to theory only students

Hydrolats & Carrier Oils - 1 Day (DL) (TO)

Blending Techniques & Perfume Making - 1 Day (TO)

Safety Considerations & 10 Essential Oils - 1 Day (DL) (TO)

Chemistry of Essential Oils - 1 Day (DL) (TO)

Plant Families, Cells, Essential Oils & Optional Field Trip - 1 or 2 Days (TO) 

Assessment Techniques & Case Taking - 1 Day (DL) (TO)

Body Massage Unit - 5 Days

Business Studies - 1 Day (DL) (TO)

AromaReflex - 2 Days


Skin & Essential Oils - 1 Day (DL) (TO)


Special Groups - Pregnancy, Cancer, Elderly etc - 2 Days (DL) (TO)


Olfaction, Emotions & Subtle Aromatherapy - 1 Day (DL) (TO)


Research & Revision - 1 Day


Exam - Theory & Practical - 1 Day


In-house days are charged at £100 per day. Distance Learning courses are charged at £80 per equivalent day.

Units are flexible and can be taken in any order, however, students will be advised on an individual basis by Debbie.