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Foundation Unit - Family and Friends

The Foundation unit of the Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma is a 5 day introduction to this fascinating art. It offers the participant a great grounding for offering home treatments, applications and basic massage techniques for use with their family; allowing them to work safely with essential oils. The course covers:

·         Basic history

·         Introduction to aromatherapy  

·         What are essential oils

·         Methods of use

·         12 essential oils will be studied in detail

·         Introduction to botany and plant families

·         Storage and quality

·         Some methods of extraction

·         Contra-indications

·         Basic vegetable carrier oils

·         Mixing and Blending for home use

·         Simple massage techniques to use on family

The Foundation unit is a stand-alone course for the aromatherapy enthusiast who wishes to use essential oils at home for themselves and their family. It is also a stepping stone to the Diploma course.


This course is now offered as a distance learning training unit, supported by online 'virtual classroom' sessions.

Contact me for further details and to book your place.

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Further Units - Diploma Course

Key - (DL) available as distance learning; (TO) available to theory only students

* These courses are available as post-graduate training (CPD), or as refresher days for therapists returning to practice.

Hydrolats & Carrier Oils - 1 Day (DL) (TO) *

Hydrolats are the water by product of the distillation process and offer us a more gentle approach to aromatic treatments, suitable for everyone particularly the elderly, young and fragile. Learn how to utilise them in all situations and for all client groups. Base Carrier oils are the medium most used when performing an aromatherapy massage treatment, allowing essential oils to be applied to the skin safely and in dilution. They are also and ideal way to make home treatment blends for ourselves and our clients. A selection of hydrolats and carrier base oils will be studied including their therapeutic effects and methods of use.  

Blending Techniques & Perfume Making - 1 Day (TO) *

An aromatically intense day of looking at the different ways we blend essential oils for therapeutic effects and home treatments, with many methods of use discussed and practiced. Perfume making involves another approach to blending and helps us to understand the difference between a therapeutic blend and one used solely for aesthetic purposes; dilutions and creating a balanced blend based on various principals will be discussed. This is an attendance only course and you will take your blend creations away with you. 

Quality & Safety Considerations & 10 Essential Oils - 1 Day (DL) (TO) *

Essential oils are the concentrated volatiles extracted from plants and are safe when used as directed. But most, if not all essential oils have the potential to be dangerous if they are not fully understood, respected and used in appropriate ways based on their quality, volatility, suitable dosages, chemistry etc. Quality issues will be considered along with some general properties of all essential oils. Ten essential oils will be introduced (or rediscovered, for those wishing to refresh their knowledge).

Chemistry of Essential Oils - 1 Day (DL) (TO) *

This is an interactive day looking at how the basic building blocks come together to form the natural chemical components of an essential oil. We look at different constituent groups and their general benefits, and based on these there will be practical blending sessions utilising the components for therapeutic effect.

Plant Families, Cells, Essential Oils & Optional Field Trip - 1 or 2 Days (TO) 

It is important for the student to understand the botanical family that an aromatic plant comes from. Plants within these families have their own common benefits that help us to understand the therapeutic effects of the essential oils from the plants within each group. We take a look at the structure of a plant cell and the parts of a plant/flower to broaden our understanding of the plant world and where our precious essential oils come from. Further essential oils will be studied to add to our repertoire. An optional Field Trip can be arranged to visit a herb or lavender farm; or if attending in France then there will be a practical day of plant collection and distillation, with lectures. 

Assessment Techniques & Case Taking - 1 Day (DL) (TO)

Whether training to be a Clinical Aromatherapist offering massage or as a Prescriptive Aromatherapist offering consultations and bespoke products; it is essential the therapist knows how to effectively assess their client. Techniques in case taking and empathetically and efficiently consulting with the client to gain the required information to enable the therapist to devise the best course of treatment will be demonstrated and practiced in this course unit. How to record the information, ensure client confidentiality and storing client details will also be discussed. Case studies are required with this unit.

Body Massage Unit - 5 Days

This five day in-house class will teach you how to perform a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic body massage routine. The theory of massage including contra-indications, beneficial effects and different types of massage movements will be studied along with the criteria to give an effective and smooth massage treatment, and how to look after yourself as a therapist including posture and well-being. A full 5 days of practical work where you will give and receive. Case studies will need to be completed with this unit and submitted with your portfolio.

Business Studies - 1 Day (DL) (TO)

Part of becoming a successful aromatherapist will depend on your business skills and how you promote yourself. This unit will cover the requirements to start your own business and will include registering your business, set up costs, advertising and insurance amongst others. You will be required to submit a business plan as part of your homework requirements which will involve creating your CV, setting your goals, a marketing plan, SWOT analysis and designing your logo and promotional literature. You must present your business portfolio before taking your exam. 

AromaReflex - 2 Days *

This fantastic two day session is part of the Diploma course or can be taken as a stand alone CPD course. It combines our precious essential oils with Reflexology techniques to add a further dimension to your therapy tool box. It offers an additional method of assessment for the student and therapist combined with a specialised foot treatment which can be offered as a further procedure separate to the full body massage; making it an ideal treatment for those not able to lie on a couch. Devised by Shirley Price in the mid 1980's and at the time called Swiss Reflex - Debbie was one of the first people to be trained in this method and had great success treating many people with this therapy. Case studies are to be completed before taking the exam (or issuing a certificate if taken as CPD).


Skin & Essential Oils - 1 Day (DL) (TO) *

The skin is the largest organ of the body and as such deserves to be understood in more detail. The anatomy and physiology of the skin will be discussed along with how to recognise certain skin conditions and to assess and help them with essential oils. Methods of application, dilutions and suitable blends will be shared along with learning in detail about 10 skin friendly essential oils.


Special Groups - Pregnancy, Cancer, Elderly etc - 2 Days (DL) (TO) *

This unit covers a wide variety of client groups and looks in details at their needs and special considerations to take into account when treating them. From appropriate essential oils, safe dilutions, adapting our techniques to suit the client along with any particular contra-indications or adaptations we would need to make. Each group will be discussed in detail along with the above guidelines to assist the student and therapist wishing to pursue and work in these specialised areas of aromatherapy.


Olfaction, Emotions & Subtle Aromatherapy - 1 Day (DL) (TO) *

The most immediate effect of essential oils is on our sense of smell and how they make us feel. The process of olfaction is explained and its connection with how it affects our moods, emotions and memories. We will learn how to make a blend for someone to support them during emotional times. The subtle effects of essential oils on the psyche, holistic principles and combining essential oils with energy work is also explored. A further 10 essential oils that care for and benefit our emotional well-being will also be included.


Research & Revision - 1 Day

Research is an important part of understanding the efficacy of essential oils and aromatherapy. How to find authentic research papers, understand, analyse and evaluate them; how to use them in your own research and conduct research procedures and practices of your own will be discussed. There will also be time for a revision session to prepare you for your exam and to ensure that you have everything in place within your portfolios prior to them being submitted towards your final examination.


Exam - Theory & Practical - 1 Day

For those taking the full Diploma with massage a date will be set during your course to complete your exam which involves a 2 1/2 hour theory paper and a separate practical assessment of the full body massage including body and foot assessment. Those taking the theory only Diploma course will be required to take the written paper only. For overseas students, arrangements can be made to complete the exam and will need to be authorised by Debbie in advance.

Units are flexible and can be taken in any order, however, students will be advised on an individual basis by Debbie.

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