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Tai Chi Qigong

Suitable for all ages and abilities, this form of moving meditation is easy to learn and follow and can be practiced standing or seated.


Qi means energy, Gong means work or practice.  Pronounced 'Chi Gong', this term is relatively modern and originated in the 1950's in China and is given to specific breathing exercises that are designed to maintain health and well-being. Consisting of a set of 18 moves (known as Shibashi qigong - Shibashi meaning 18 movements) which are performed gently but with concentration on posture and the breath. Qigong helps to improve flexibility of the joints and muscles, reduces stress and rejuvenates and relaxes the body, mind and spirit. 

Sessions include a short introduction of relaxation/meditation, followed by exploring one of the movements in more detail before enjoying the full set for the remainder of the session.  This allows the participant to get the most out of the session for their own benefit.

Debbie now offers weekly in-house sessions and in-depth Qigong Retreats in the heart of the Limousin, France.

NOTE: Sessions are now available 'virtually' via Zoom every Friday at 8.00am  UK time. Click the contact button for further details or to book your place. Additional times will be added throughout the week soon.

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