Virtual AromaClub

AromaClub is a monthly gathering of people from all backgrounds who have a common interest in Aromatherapy. I welcome therapist's and non-therapist's to the Club.


I now offer the meeting as a virtual AromaClub so that all those interested can attend, wherever they live, either in the UK or overseas.

Sessions can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home but with the opportunity to see and chat with other like-minded people. I offer a 45 minute talk on an Aromatherapy based topic with the chance to ask questions and even join an after Club chat if you wish.

AromaClub is usually the morning of the first Saturday of the month and participants will need to sign up for a block of sessions (download the Introduction sheet here for further information). I offer a flexible, great value package; or you may prefer to 'pay as you go'. All sessions include a copy of the PowerPoint presentation from each session. There is an option to purchase previous AromaClub presentations also.

AromaClub subjects will be posted on my Facebook page.

Everyone welcome, tell a friend!

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